To celebrate Earth Day, we participated at the "Giornata della Terra" festival in Turin! A festival dedicated to climate change, environmental protection, and social inclusion.

22 APR 2024

“Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action. Nature is suffering. Oceans filling with plastic and turning more acidic. Extreme heat, wildfires, and floods, have affected millions of people”

This is how United Nations presents Earth Day, observed every April 22 since 1970: a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The UN explains that climate change is undoubtedly one of the causes accelerating the planet’s destruction—a theme that, as you know, is very close to our hearts.

The latest Copernicus ECMWF report (provided by Copernicus, the Earth observation component of the EUSPA – EU Agency for the Space Programme) highlights that Europe is the fastest-warming continent, with temperatures rising at around twice the global average rate, underscoring the urgent need to address climate change.

To celebrate Earth Day, we participated at the “Giornata della Terra” festival on Saturday, April 20th, in Turin.


It was an opportunity not only to discuss CarpeCarbon and Direct Air Capture technology, but also to emphasize the importance of respecting the environment and our planet by addressing the need to mitigate climate change, reduce its impacts, and aim for net-zero emissions by 2050. Informing about these critical issues is part of our mission.

Thanks to the organizers and everyone who stopped by to see us!